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Formatting Syntax: 10 Hits
ay use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this pa... Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace... te that the two backslashes are only recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespa... g line in ''conf/lang/en/lang.php'' (more details at [[doku>localization#changing_some_localized_texts
at command: 8 Hits
n reddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====at command===== The at command uses the following syntax <code> at HH:MM MMDDYY >command to run >CTRL+D </code> e.g. <code> at 06:45 091014 >/bin/ks > /var/tmp/ls.out >CTRL+D <
The New Features of RedHat 7: 7 Hits
/etc/systemd/system** sub-directory. e.g. looking at sshd /usr/lib/systemd/system/sshd.service has th... be used to shutdown the server e.g. to shutdown at a certain time: **shutdown --poweroff hh:mm** s... b2-mkconfig** command To boot into rescue mode, at the GRUB 2 boot screen, press e (for edit) and ad... A bespoke service that doesn't do anything useful at all</description> <port protocol="udp" port=
Puppet Basics: 6 Hits
. By default it's 2GB but I'm just messing around at home so I'm going to change it to 512MB vi /et... -2721us[-5314us] +/- 85ms ^* 2 8 37 183 -4194us[-6787us] ... file Puppet::SSL::CertificateRequest x220-laptop at '/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl/ca/requests/x220-lapt... :7F:84:92:3D:11:90:C0:E2:E2:1B:E1:E1:78:3C:2C:2E At this point the agent is ready to connect to the p
AWS - S3: 4 Hits
====Versioning==== Versioning can be turned on at the bucket level, however, once it's enabled it c... set up for data intransit (using SSL/TLS) and/or at rest. For encryption for data at rest, this can be done on the **server side** using the following op... il * SSE-C - customer provided keys Encrption at rest can also be provided on the client side, i.e
NetApp - Implementing Snaplock Compliance in a vfiler: 4 Hits
, drops (link) 0 indication: up at 11Mar2016 04:11:58 cons... drops (link) 0 indication: down at 11Mar2016 04:11:58 cons... iler from a Windows(R) system. Use "?" for help at any prompt and Ctrl-C to exit without committing ... by running ntpq -pn from a server and pointing it at your filer [root@aserver01p ~]# ntpq -pn FILER
Open Boot: 3 Hits
d@3,0:a This means disk partition a on scsi disk at target 3, logical unit 0 on the esp device at slot 0, offset 40000 which is connected to sbus (system bus) at slot 1 offset f8000000 ==== Device Aliases ==== T
Just Some Stuff: 3 Hits
dex|Unix and Storage Wiki]]**// You have arrived at the start. The start of Just Some Stuff. Here you... i]]** previously published by Intronet Computers at the original website. You'll fi... page! I don't know about you but whenever I look at web sites based around web development, they're e
Switching into single user mode: 3 Hits
e machine is already running use: init -s (or -S) At boot time do the following: 1. reboot system ... thin 10 seconds 3. boot from normal path 4. At interact with ISL enter Y 5. At ISL prompt enter: hpux -is (;0)/stand/vmunix (although hpux -is wi
Some modem basics: 3 Hits
though 8 bit is more common. Serial data - 1 bit at a time Parallel data- one byte at a time Internal data bus typically exists of eight wires, each ca... only 2 wires, data has to be transmitted one bit at a time, i.e serially Aync- use stop and start pa
How did we get here: 3 Hits
. What if he lost the note book or simply left it at home and needed a procedure from it. The admin h... can still find a mirror of that original website at e website under the name of his own company that, at the time was the company that he provided unix c
The Linux Boot Sequence: 3 Hits
booting o Reads the configuration file at every boot so there's no need to rewr... according to the run level specified. e.g. At runlevel 5 , the start scripts in /etc/rc.d/ ... so normally lists some gettyprograms to run and , at run level 5, /etc/X11/prefdm. <alert typ
TCP/IP Overview: 2 Hits
protocol consists of several protocols operating at different layers. The TCP/IP network model can be... col header to the packet. When the packet arrives at the destination, it passes up through the stack,
Rebuilding the Linux Kernel: 2 Hits
o have the old and new kernel on the system at the same time) 4. Run make bzImage to create t... 9. If you need to load the SCSI or RAID module at boot time run /sbin/ mkinitrd /boot/newinit
chkconfig: 2 Hits
Adding a binary module to an existing build: 2 Hits
Memory Management - HP-UX: 2 Hits
Formatting a disk: 2 Hits
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 2 Hits
Configuring a LAN Card with system-config-network (RedHat): 2 Hits
Instance Numbers: 2 Hits
Cisco MDS SAN switches: 2 Hits
Changing the dump area: 2 Hits
DNS Overview: 2 Hits
Welcome to your new DokuWiki: 2 Hits
Linux Recovery: 2 Hits
Cloning a system: 2 Hits
Solaris Fingerprint Database: 2 Hits
Configuring a LAN Card with linuxconf: 2 Hits
Changing your Linux Boot Diskette Image: 2 Hits
Linux Recovery: 2 Hits
Solaris Fingerprint Database: 2 Hits
General Unix Index: 2 Hits
DokuWiki: 2 Hits
DG/UX Notes: 2 Hits
Solaris Devices: 2 Hits
IRIX Notes: 1 Hits
AWS - RDS DBs: 1 Hits
USP/USP-V Basic Architecture: 1 Hits
Legacy Sun Disk Arrays ( 3510 - 6120 - 2540 - 6140 - A1000 ): 1 Hits
Configuring gmail as a mail relay with two factor authentication - Ubuntu: 1 Hits
Mirroring Linux Disks (LVM and mdadm): 1 Hits
Useful yum Commands: 1 Hits
Usage Example in scripts: 1 Hits
Expanding LUNs under Linux (LVM): 1 Hits
Some useful awk scripts: 1 Hits
Working out maximum length of a string: 1 Hits
Working out hardware path for G/H class: 1 Hits
Finding deleted files still using disk space: 1 Hits
Tips for installing Linux on a laptop: 1 Hits
Sybase basics: 1 Hits
Index: 1 Hits
Setting up HPE System Manager on Linux: 1 Hits
/etc/shadow, password entries and user ids: 1 Hits
Disksuite: 1 Hits
Solaris Terminal Handling: 1 Hits
Solaris Jumpstart: 1 Hits
Storageworks disks: 1 Hits
Booting from cdrom: 1 Hits
LSM and disks: 1 Hits
The Solaris Boot Sequence: 1 Hits
Fixing problems with root disk: 1 Hits
Some Oracle Basics: 1 Hits
Tripwire: 1 Hits
Ingres: 1 Hits
Dokuwiki Stuff...: 1 Hits
Tips for installing Linux on a laptop: 1 Hits
Wordpress Stuff...: 1 Hits
Creating a mksysb tape: 1 Hits
News Services: 1 Hits
Sendmail Basics: 1 Hits
Wordpress Security: 1 Hits
Initramfs, initrd and kdump: 1 Hits
Regular Expressions - Meta Character Summary: 1 Hits
Showing memory utilisation: 1 Hits
Clearing a fault message - Oracle ODA: 1 Hits
Information about your HP-UX server: 1 Hits
Ignite/UX Information: 1 Hits
Creating a bonded interface - RHEL: 1 Hits
Automount Facility: 1 Hits
Using Omniback Commands: 1 Hits
Moving filesystems with cpio: 1 Hits
Rebuilding kernel with HP-UX 9: 1 Hits
Resizing filesystems without Online JFS: 1 Hits
IPSEC under Solaris: 1 Hits