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The New Features of RedHat 7: 15 Hits
n a medal. Uses a COW style update that prevents filesystem corruption in the event of power failures. Featur... ev/device - create a brtfs file system * brtfs filesystem resize amount /mount-point - increase or decrease a brtfs filesystem if the filesystem is made up of multiple devices, you need to specify the device to be increased, e.g. #
Solaris Paging and Memory Management: 6 Hits
oblem with this model is that if there's a lot of filesystem I/ O , a lot of the filesystem pages are cached in memory. This can cause the available memory to fall below ... to application pages getting paged out instead of filesystem pages, leading to degraded application performanc... 8 Cyclical Page Cache ==== A separate free list, filesystem free list, was introduced with Solaris 8 so that
The Linux Boot Sequence: 4 Hits
he kernel. 4. The kernel mounts the root filesystem, loads the required modules and starts the ... quired, this is loaded before the real root filesystem. The initrd may be required if certain modules are required to load the root filesystem and aren't compliled into th kernel itself, e.g. if the root filesystem type is reiserfs but the resierfs driver ha
Moving filesystems with cpio: 4 Hits
Moving filesystems with cpio===== - Create new filesystem and mount using a temporary mount point - cd //old_filesystem// - find . | cpio -dumpv //new_filesystem// - umount new filesystem and mount at original point <alert type="warning" icon="fa fa-question-circle-
Resizing filesystems without Online JFS: 4 Hits
cing the size==== - Ensure no-one is using the filesystem: fuser or lsof - backup data using whichever ut... ackup /dev///vg_name// for whichever volume group filesystem is in - umount /dev///vg_name/lv_name// - lvr... /dev///vg_name///r//lv_name// (or -F hfs for hfs filesystem) - fsck /dev///vg_name/lv_name// - mount /dev... ken at point 2 ====Increase size==== - backup filesystem - umount /dev///vg_name/lv_name// - lvextend
Creating a new filesystem from scratch: 4 Hits
lus stumbleupon twitter~~ ===== Creating a new filesystem from scratch ===== 1. Check available disks us... F vxfs /dev/vg_name/rname (or -F hfs for hfs type filesystem) 9. mkdir /mount_point 10. edit /etc/fstab to include new filesystem 11. mount -a to mount filesystem Note:For swap, do not run newfs command. Option -C y and -r n should be us
Creating ODS Metadatabases within a Filesystem: 4 Hits
er~~ ===== Creating ODS Metadatabases within a Filesystem ===== Placing metadatabases within a filesystem is a useful technique if the number of disk slices available ... is an issue. Placing the metadatabase inside of a filesystem frees up an additional disk slice. 1. metadb -... ated a mirrored meta device. 7. NOW create the filesystem, newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d70 NOTE: Do not newfs the di
Linux LVM Tips: 4 Hits
esize2fs /dev///vg-name/vol-name//** - resize the filesystem to the same size as the volume Extending a filesystem using a new LUN - (Linux VM example) - Format the ... nnnn// /dev///vg-name/lv-name//** - Extend the filesystem: **resize2fs /dev///vg-name/lv-name//** - Remo... -t ext3 /dev///vg-name/vol-name//** - create the filesystem Importing a LVM Volume - **vgscan** - make s
HP-UX Index: 4 Hits
stripe|Disk striping with LVM]] * [[lvm_filesystem|Creating LVM Filesystem]] * [[lvm_problems|dealing with LVM problems]] * [[mirror_disk|Mi... ove_disk| Moving LVM disks]] * [[resize_filesystem|Reszing Filesystems]] * [[swap_setup|Se... nder LVM]] * Miscellaneous * [[cpio_filesystem|Copying filesystems]] * [[fbackup_rc|fb
DG/UX Notes: 3 Hits
e virtual disk has been created, in sysadm select filesystem->local filesystem->add and enter name, etc to add filesystem to fstab, create mount point and mount ==== Setting Up a Pri
Solaris Live Dump: 3 Hits
laris while the server is running: 1. Create a filesystem with sufficient space , e.g. 2Gb for a server wit... 8Gb of memory 2. Configure dump to use this filesystem:dumpadm -d filesystem (this can be checked using the dumpadm command) 3. Run savecore -L A crash dum
Sun Cluster 3.0 info: 3 Hits
ice-group// -h //anode//** ====Creating a global filesystem==== - newfs /dev/vx/rdsk/dg1/avol - mkdir -p... obal is a standard used to indicate it's a global filesystem) - mount using the global option and ufs loggin... untpoint// - scswitch -Z -g //resourcegroup// Filesystem should now be mounted on the defined node.
Logical Volume Manager: 3 Hits
artitions on disks hdisk1 and hdisk2 6. create filesystem by entering crfs -v jfs -l lvname -m /mountdir -A yes This will dreate a filesystem the same size as the logical volume, create the mount directory and include the filesystem in /etc/filesystems so it will be automatic
ZFS Tips: 3 Hits
disk1 disk2 ... ====Procedure for migratig a ZFS filesystem with snapshots amd clones==== - The relations... ommand **zfs origin** - Snapshot the top level filesystem, e.g. **zfs snapshot apool/azfsfilesystem@snap1**... -d apool-new** (this will copy the top level ZFS filesystem and all it's snapshots - snapshot each clone
Using Omniback Commands: 3 Hits
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LSM and disks: 2 Hits
Disksuite: 2 Hits
Changing your Linux Boot Diskette Image: 2 Hits
Solaris Devices: 2 Hits
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Resizing Disksuite Partitions: 1 Hits
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