• pkgadd - install software packages on to a system
 e.g. pkgadd -a /var/adm/auto -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_2.6
   -a specifies admin file other than default (/var/sadm/install/admin).
    This controls behaviour of package add, e.g. if you don't want to reply
    to questions, can be specified here.
   -d location of software to install
   -s instead of installing the software, copy to spool file specified e.g.
    if you want a copy on disk
  • pkgrm - remove previously installed software from host or from spool directory (using -s option)
e.g. pkgrm SUNWmd remove disksuite
  • pkginfo - lists information about packages
   -d on device specified
   -l full listing
   -i fully installed packages only
   -p partially installed packages only
   -R from specified root path only
  • pkgchk - check package
e.g. pkgchk -l -p full-path-name-of-file- will show which package a file belongs to
     pkgchk -l SMCpca - to list the files contained in a package
  • pkgask - check for responses to scripts used during pkgadd
  • pkgtrans - transfer from one media to another, e.g. disk to cd

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