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AWS - S3: 6 Hits
led as secure, durable and highly scalable object storage. Files sizes can be 1B to 5TB. S3 uses universal ... ames must be unique. As you probably know, object storage is suitable for storing flat files but not for in... 9% availabilty * 11 9s durability * tiered storage options * life cycle management * versionin... required rapid retrieval * Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) - only 99.9% durabilty and 99.9% availabilt
Just Some Stuff: 6 Hits - home of the **[[..admin_index|Unix and Storage Wiki]]**// You have arrived at the start. The st... s also the home of the **[[..admin_index|Unix and Storage Wiki]]** previously published by Intronet Comput... and care. But there's more! Check out our **[[|Storage & SAN]]** section for all your Storage Area Network and disk array related thingies.
AWS - EC2: 6 Hits
speed (IOPS), e.g for NoSQL DBs * D2 - dense storage e.g. for file servers, data warehouse ====EBS - Elastic Block Storage==== EC2 instances are generally built on EBS storage. EBS storage is preserved when the instance is terminated. Ephemeral storage is temporary and is lost whe
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me!====== Welcome to the Just Some Stuff Unix and Storage Wiki. A collaborative effort to document tips and... [[..linux:linux_index|Linux Index]] - //LVM, KVM, storage, memory, etc// * [[..networking:networking_in... VXVM, ZFS, ODS, troubleshooting, etc// * [[|Storage & SAN Index]] - //Brocade, Cisco MDS, HDS USP-V, HP EVA, etc// * [[..virtualizati
Storage and SAN Index: 5 Hits
===== Storage and SAN Index ===== * SAN * [[brocade_addressing|Brocade 24 BIT addressing]] * [[... es]] * [[zoning|Brocade zoning commands]] * Storage * [[luse_split|HDS USP- Splitting LUSE volum... | Legacy Sun arrays (3510, 6120, 2540, etc)]] * Storage related software and utilties * [[solaris:vm... * [[solaris:zfs|ZFS tips]] * [[linux:linux_storage|Useful Linux storage stuff]] * [[linux:linux
Useful yum Commands: 5 Hits
t make : use of static thread local storage. While static : thread local storage is the fastest access : mechanism it may ... ng loaded at all since the static : storage space is a limited and shared : pro... he presence of large : thread-local storage data that exceeded : PTHREAD_STACK_
AWS - Storage Gateway: 4 Hits
ddit googleplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====AWS - Storage Gateway===== A storage gateway is a device (logical or physical) that provides access to cloud based storage for on premises devices. The AWS Storage Gateway is a VM that can be downloaded and installed in the data
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**Unix and Storage Wiki** * [[wiki_how|How it came about]] **wiki shortcuts** * [[general:general_... ] * [[solaris:solaris_index|Solaris]] * [[storage:storage_index|Storage & SAN]] * [[virtualization:virtualization_index|Virtualization & Cloud]] * [[archive
AWS - A Glossary of Services: 4 Hits
tarting up ECF2 services [[aws-lambda|more]] ====Storage==== * S3 - a object based file store [[aws-S... BALL - an import/export service, Amazon provide a storage device to copy data into on premises which you ca... versa for export) [[aws-importexport|more]] * STORAGE GATEWAYS - an on premise storage gateway that can replicate data into the AWS cloud [[aws-storagegateway|m
Other Unix flavours - Index: 3 Hits
* [[dec_disks_and_lsm|DEC: Disks and Logical Storage Manager]] * [[dec_dynamic_modules|DEC: ... * [[dec_patch|DEC: Patching]] * [[dec_storage_works|DEC: Storage Works]] * dg/ux * [[dg_ux|dg/ux]] * Irix * [[irix|irix]]
Linux Index: 3 Hits
[[binary_module|Including a Binary_Module]] * storage and filesystems * [[swap_space|Adding Swap Space]] * [[linux_storage|Useful linux storage stuff]] * [[linux_lvm|Linux LVM Tips]] * [[linux_mirror|Mirroring d
NetApp - Implementing Snaplock Compliance in a vfiler: 2 Hits
vfiler /vol/comp_worm_10YR WARNING: reassigning storage to another vfiler does not change the security information on that storage. If the security domains are not identical, unw
Useful Linux Storage stuff: 2 Hits
leplus stumbleupon twitter~~ =====Useful Linux Storage stuff===== The following is based on RedHat Ente... ipath.conf** using the parameters supplied by the storage vendor - Run the following commands: - **
How did we get here: 2 Hits
no idea but I do know why I started the Unix and Storage wiki. Once upon a time there was a fresh faced u... later, that no so fresh face admin, who also did storage these days, got around to republishing the proced
Storageworks disks: 2 Hits
Netbackup Overview: 2 Hits
Expanding LUNs under Linux (LVM): 2 Hits
The New Features of RedHat 7: 2 Hits
AWS - RDS DBs: 1 Hits
Linux KVM Notes: 1 Hits
Performing storage migrations using VXVM: 1 Hits
Sun Cluster 3.0 info: 1 Hits
Brocade Switch 24 Bit Addressing: 1 Hits
Memory Management - HP-UX: 1 Hits
Running a Glype Proxy in Docker: 1 Hits
USP/USP-V Basic Architecture: 1 Hits
MDS CLI Zoning: 1 Hits